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May 13, 2013
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MLP Flash Puppets - collection [UPDATE 12.4.2014] by jerry411 MLP Flash Puppets - collection [UPDATE 12.4.2014] by jerry411
My Little Pony - Tutorials for animating:…

[UPDATE 12.4.2014]
Added 92 flash puppet rigs - in list they are marked with bold font.

Thank you very much to everybody for many views, downloads, comments and for adding this deviation to Favourites.
I will answer to your comments as fast as it will be possible and I will countinue in adding puppets.

Direct link from DeviantART is no longer available - please use direct link from:

-only NEW puppets (from UPDATE 12.4.2014):…

-COMPLETE collection


-SEPARATE download:…

Article about this collection on Equestria Daily:…

This is collection of all puppets for Adobe Flash I have.

I suppose that these puppets will be useful for all beginning and advanced animators. All puppets are tested in Adobe Flash Professional CS6.

For some characters are more than one .fla file - so they are market with number or anything else. These Flash puppets are different!

Here is list of all files in archive:

-9th Doctor Whooves
-11th Doctor Whooves
-Amnesiashy (NSFW)
-Animated Cape Resource (this is not pony - these are accessories for flash pupets)
-Apple Bloom (adult)
-Apple Bumpkin
-Apple Fritter
-Applejack 360
-Applejack (G1)

-Applejack LSOH
-Apple Pie
-Autumn Glory
-Babs Seed
-Babs Seed 2
-Berry Punch
-Berry Punch 2
-Big Macintosh
-Blossom Forth
-BonBon 2
-BronyDanceParty (Rule 63)
-Brute (NSFW)
-Butterscotch 2
-Button Mash
-Button's mom
-Canadian Bon

-Canni Soda
-Colgate 2
-Colgate 3
-Colgate (Rule 63)
-Color Dash
-Color Paint
-Comet Tail
-Cream Puff
-Creeper (NSFW)
-Cutie Mark Crusaders
-Daisy Doo
-Dark Rainbow
-Daring Do
-Derpy Hooves
-Derpy Hooves 2
-Diamond Tiara
-Dinky Doo
-Dinky Hooves
-Dopey Hooves
-Dr. Whooves
-Dusk Shine
-Em Doodle
-Equestria Girls - Equestria Boy
-Felt Ponies
-Filly Luna & Celestia
-Filly Pinkiejack
-Filly Puppet Rigs
-Firefly (G1)
-Flash Sentry
-Flash Sentry (Equestria Girls)
-Flixie (with Wings)
-Flushing Line Express
-Flushing Local Line
-Flutter Scratch

-Fluttershy 360
-Four-leaf clover
-FOX Sports 2 Poni
-FOX Sports Poni

-Giddy Mercury
-Gleaming Shield
-Grandpa Game and Watch
-Gravity Falls
-Harlem-New Lots
-Heart Eye
-Cheese Sandwich
-Cherry Pie
-Chrysalis 2
-Chrysalis 3
-Iron Will
-John Egbert
-JT's Mum
-King Sombra
-Kitty Katswell
-Lightning Strike
-Lyra Heartstrings
-Lyra Heartstrings 2
-Lyra Heartstrings (asdf movie)
-Mane 6 from the front side
-Metal Dash
-Milkmare (NSFW)
-Mini Pony
-Musical Stuff (this is not pony - these are accessories for flash pupets)
-Musical Sound
-Neon Lights
-Neon Note
-Nightmare Moon
-Nightmare Moon 2
-Octavia (3Q)
-Octavia 2
-Painting Breeze
-Parasprite 360
-Pelham Express
-Pelham Local
-Photo Finish
-Pinkamena Diane Pie
-Pinkie Pie
-Pinkie Pie LSOH
-Pony Rig LSOH
-Porcelain Shield
-Pound Cake
-Princess Celestia
-Princess Luna
-Princess Luna (Young)
-Pumpkin Cake
-Puppet Accsesories (this is not pony - these are accessories for flash pupets)
-Rainbow Blitz
-Rainbow Dash 360
-Rainbow Dash 360 - opened wings (this was created only for one request)
-Rainbow Dash
-Rainbow Dash - Gala stuff (this is not pony - these are accessories for flash pupets)
-Rainbowdash Fire
-Rainbow Dash LSOH
-Rainbow Pie
-Rarity 360
-Reala Sky
-Record Scrape
-Recycle Pony
-Red Cosque
-Red Gala
-Red Triumph
-Rob Stallion
-Roid Rage
-Roid Rage 2
-Rookie Wompus
-Royal Guard
-Royal Guard - grey
-Royal Guard - white

-Shadow Pony
-Shadow Varia
-Shining Armor
-Shuttle Line
-Silver Spoon
-Skeletal (NSFW)
-Sky Dash
-Slay Sweet
-Speed Lightning
-Spike 2
-Star Glimmer
-Sunset Shimmer
-Sunset Shimmer 2
-Sweepy Belle
-Sweet Shank
-The Brony
-The Great and Powerful Applejack (with the Alicorn Amulet)
-The Great and Powerful Applejack
-The Great and Powerful Pinkie Pie

-The Silence
-Trixie Lulamoon
-Twilgate Sparkle
-Twilight Scratch (with Glasses)
-Twilight Scratch
-Twilight Sparkle (alicorn)
-Twilight Sparkle (alicorn) 2
-Twilight Sparkle (G1)
-Twilight Sparkle (in Starswirl The Bearded Costume)
-Twilight Sparkle (Princess, Dressless)
-Twilight Sparkle
-Twinkle Toes
-Van Cortlandt
-Vinyl Dash (with Glasses)
-Vinyl Dash
-Vinyl Drops
-Vinyl Pie (with Glasses)

-Vinyl Pie
-Vinylbon Drops (with Glasses)
-Vinyl Scratch
-Vinyl Scratch 2
-Vinylshy (with Glasses)
-Vinylyra (with Glasses)
-Water Side

-Wheat Brew
-Wooden Toaster's OC - Glaze

Most of these flash puppets were made for fan-made episode Double Rainboom (by Zachari Rich) -….

Creators of flash puppet rigs:
aginpro -
DILeak -
Members of FlamingoRich -
Nicoboss143 -
bronyanimstudios -…
Loveboy01 -
dashofrainbow235 -…
OreoTnettenbaSnood - oreotnettenbasnood.deviantart.…
CookeyKoopa -
TheClawdeen34 -
FoXxarius -
Fakkom -
ask-artila -
Jakeneutron -
Evilbob0 -
MaydeEdits -
CrownePrince -
Warewolves -
kingkiller150 -
sjf95fighter -
Kcizsckiee -
dARedux -
megamanhxh -
TiredBrony -
Kanduli -
WoodyRamesses17 -…
and me

Thanks for all creators.

If I forgot mention anybody, just write me and I will update list of creators.

Pony flash puppet - $4.
Bitmap to vector - $2.
If you are interested in some of these commissions send me message on deviantArt or to .
PayPal only.

My Little Pony by Hasbro.
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BigDream64 Apr 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I got Macromedia Flash 8 and I don't think these files will work... =(
jerry411 Apr 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
I do not think so. I recommend Adobe Flash Professional CS6 or CC. But I think that CS6 is better.
BigDream64 Apr 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Oh ok. Thanks.
anouk-icey101 Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you XD
jerry411 Apr 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
You are welcome. :)
anouk-icey101 Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks to you i can start animating :)
I also made Sparkler/Amethyst Star. Can you also add that in?…
jerry411 Apr 14, 2014  Student Filmographer
Yes, but only on next update.
Thanks for the update:iconjerry411:and add me at the creators flash pony puppet. :)
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